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Being a creapy, premature, 24+ something, scrappy, fool, looking like the fugliest version of Johnny Depp (if even imaginable), wearing a scrawny Gwyneth Paltrow husk (or rather, 17.5 BMI at 1.85m), I just lost all hope. Dammit. [Irony.]
Still, you’ll drown in unreturned free stuff sooner or later, so I’ll have my vengeance! Bwahaha!! But first, I need some dough. Guess I’ll go for Bennie, I’ve heard “she’s really keen”. [Sarcasm.]

Unrelated, plus who cares, this is probably my last ‘feedback’ [more like, trashback..] on the internet for a long time – 6 months to lifetime – anyway.. [Insert deep breath of relief here.] Frankly, ’cause I’m sick of my own tragic opinions and stupid, insulting ramblings.
I’ll just lurk in the shadows like I did 7+ years ago when I was happy, and hopefully those days’ll come back to me. So, good fortune for lifetime, belle. Fuck you right back to the future now. This is just the end of another stupid era, anyway – so why are you still reading..?

I went along to Second Chance Tuesday: one man gave me the spiel on his great idea for five minutes and then seemed a bit deflated when I pointed out that it had already been done: it was called PointCast and had disappeared into fucked company land years ago.
There was also a number of young smart but lacking in common sense suits who are probably plotting how to invest their funds to cause maximum damage to the teachers pension fund that entrusted them with the cash.

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