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I’m curious. Clooney always tells the story about a magazine calling him a traitor when speaking with the press about his films, but I can’t find the name of the magazine. Google provides numerous links to articles where he tells story, but neither Google nor Lexis can provide the magazine article or an article with the magazine name during the relevant time period. I did find references to three conservative websites labelling Clooney a traitor. None of those are magazines, so does anyone out there follow Hollywood enough to remember which magazine it was?

Jakob didn’t say the URL was going to die, but that “Domain Names May Die.”
He was talking about

Well that’s semi true. He did also say, “New addressing schemes are likely to be introduced with better support for ambiguity and the ability to find things without knowing the exact spelling. Search engines and directories are an early attempt, but we can surely do better.” If that isn’t a statement about the whole URL interface, I don’t know what is…

First my eye was attracted by the word Clooney, and then I saw Good Night, And Good Luck. last night. Having just started studying journalism, I found it a fitting piece of work. I ejoyed getting a taste of a news room!

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