Links for 2006-03-03

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I’ve played around with MediaCentral a bit this afternoon, and I personally am less than impressed – menu navigation is really slow, and divx playback stutters (in comparison to QuickTime and VLC) on my Powerbook.

I just noticed this, too – it’s not smart enough to stop iTunes playback when beginning a movie or DVD. Which is really sort of a no-brainer.

Seems unusably slow on my 1GHz iBook, and what’s more it didn’t like showing anything on my second monitor. I highly recommend you check out XBMC (XBox Media Center), it does everything it promises flawlessly, and over the network.

It’s fun to see how everyone has different priorities. Almost as great as seeing Zeldman pushing “great design” when it’s really just personal style preferences. But not nearly as fab as watching people ranting software at BetaNews. It’s good to see we’re all retarded. I almost felt lonely once, stupid me. Great weblog anyway, Tom. I’m sure you knew..

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