Los Angeles is a pretty weird town…

I think the most troubling bit is the doors into the abdomen – behind which presumably lurk massive pulsing internal organs. Anyway, just arrived, have got computer access again and am now planning to digest the last couple of weeks pretty thoroughly with Mr Biddulph. This should mean that there’s at least a temporary increase in dumb posts.

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The thing you gotta remember about Los Angeles is that it’s hot and so of course muscular men with carved abs should go around without shirts. And of course people should want to enter into those kind of men (by whatever means necessary). That’s how it works.

I love that some people *hate* L.A. – I mean *H.A.T.E* it (especially in San Francisco). I love it and moved here from London in 2001… I didn’t realise that this scorn existed… It’s an endless, challenging city, that’s not really a city. No matter when you move here, you grow up with it. No matter what part you live in.
Though the electricity pilons and cables could use a makeover.

I think that LA is the coolest place ever! and abercrombie’s marketing IS working! cause EVERYONE at my school wears it so they are making pretty good money.
PS that guy is HOT too!!

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