Why I've been so quiet recently…

I’ve been quiet for the last couple of days, so I thought I should just duck online briefly to explain why. My computer’s backlight has failed and as a consequence, I can’t actually see anything on the screen, which makes responding to e-mail or posting to weblogs pretty hard. Also SXSW is a bit of a ride, and frankly I’m a bit overwhelmed and exhausted after nine days of consecutive conference activity. I’ve heard no more about the Barbelith legal threats, for those of you who have asked. Thanks for your concern. As of tomorrow I’m heading off for a few days of vacation to get my head together, and then I’m back in San Francisco at the mothership until the end of the week.

While I’m on the subject, however, I’m going to be in New York on Friday and Saturday night and I have yet to organise anywhere to stay. It’s not a work thing, so I was wondering if anyone had any comfy floor / bedspace? I’m going to be pretty occupied while I’m out there, so I’ll probably not be the best houseguest, but if you don’t ask, etc. etc.

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Bummer about the computer. This has happened intermittently to my husband’s Mac laptop. We were able to shine a flashlight on it at an angle to see! Thankfully, a reboot fixes it every time.

If this is silence, I know some weblogs that are flat mute.
Sorry about the computer, of course.

The hinge on PowerBooks can be problematic, I would recommend that you take it to a genius bar in an AppleStore and have them trouble shoot it for you. If you want to go to Regent Street when you are back in Shaftesbury Avenue, you need to book online here Be warned the page can be flaky. Oh yeah, big changes at Y! London they’ve got rid of Fanta out of the drinks machines and now have OJ, but facilities have told us to stop drinking so much of it.

Sorry to say I can’t offer anywhere to crash in NYC, Tom, but if you’ve got the time it might be nice to organize a NYClith confluence of drinkosity. I’ll float the idea on the Lith if you think you’d be down for it.

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