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Raising children is really hard. That, plus the fact that people don’t feel very secure in their jobs and careers anymore.
Life for the average European middle class person has gotten both very insecure and expensive. Not exactly a winning combo for breeding.

My tin-foil-hat-wearing self says that O’Reilly went relatively easy on Danah (sorry Danah) because MySpace is owned by Murdoch, just like Fox News. He just didn’t seem his combative self – and something like this would usually generate way more heat.

Im a gayer too, and I would also love to have children one day, but I feel it would be cruel to raise children due to the abuse they would receive from having a gay dad

I don’t really buy that argument – or at least I think it’s only one of the factors that you have to consider. Obviously if you’re a gay man thinking of children, I think you have to think more carefully than normal about how you’d handle things and whether you’re up to the challenge. But I think if you’ve looked at the situation soberly and come to some conclusions, then the specific challenges you might face are just things you have to deal with and wouldn’t be insurmountable.

Well, having kids is hard. Having kids changes your life. Having kids drastically reduces your personal space, personal time & other personal resources – not permanently, just until you’re old and grey.
It’s still the best thing I’ve ever done.
Having a gay dad – or two dads – may be hard; it’s certainly unusual, which is probably enough to make it hard, at least when the kid gets older. But ‘different’ is nowhere near as hard as ‘cruel’, ‘cold’, ‘drunk’ or ‘absent’, to name but a few. Besides, kids with cruel/cold/drunk/absent fathers still grow up to be functioning adults. Being a kid is hard. (Life is pain, Highness…)
If you want kids, you will have them. Life’s like that.

I thought Danah did a fine job of representing what MySpace means to kids. She was dead on in her comment that kids aren’t allowed to ride their bikes outside any more because of fear…media-fueled fear generated by cranks like O’Reilly. Crossing over to the other post about procreating, is it any wonder people are hesitating to have kids when everything looks so dire?

If you haven’t read it, can I recommend “The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant” by Dan Savage? A lovely book which also makes the point that the obstacles to gay parenting are surmountable.

Has anyone been tracking whether the usual suspects on Faux News — not O’Reilly, but more likely Greta Van Obsessed With Missing White Women — have been covering MySpace with a light touch? As Private Eye has shown, cross-promotion of Murdoch properties is pretty common in the UK, and while the moral outrage of the cablenewsers doesn’t fit the tabloid reality shows and risqu√© comedy on the FOX network, I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The Memo’ suggests a lighter touch on Teh Evils of Teh Internets.

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