I'm having bit of a post Doctor Who comedown…

I’m in a filthy mood because Doctor Who sucked the big one, I missed the last two minutes of the episode (and hence the revision of a major classic character) and subsequently my laptop ran out of batteries and I lost a substantial post on revisions to some principles on social media. On the plus side, I’ve discovered a whole bunch of music that I love from Mr Biddulph that you can see being carefully collated over on, I’ve gone and bought myself some new clothes from Cult on Kingly Court and installed another gig of RAM in my lovely iMac. Also I’m knackered. I choose this moment to display this lovely picture of me as taken by Mr B to try and make me feel a bit better about life.

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Sigh… We’re just now getting the 2005 season of Doctor Who. Guess I’ll have to wait until next March or so before getting to see your current season to find out if it really sucked the big one.

Sadly, it sucked. For me it didnt have the “something” which s02e02 created. Perhaps in comparison to previous episodes from s01 it may be alright but in comparison to last weeks it crashed and burned.

Did I – and the vast majority of viewers who have posted very positive reviews of this episode to various forums and newsgroups – watch a different episode to James and Tom last night?
For me, it hit the same spot as ‘Father’s Day’ last year; it was full of great dialog, acting and emotional depth, and it explored the implications of The Doctor’s (near) immortality on his travelling companions brilliantly I think.
It had monsters and a silly plot for the kids, and nostalgia (the original K-9 prop!) for us older Doctor Who fans.
I hope the series continues on its upward curve, as the first two episodes did very little for me.

Last weeks seemed to have a really good edge, the effects were amazing, story good. K9 was in fact a disappointment, seemed to have lost some of the coolness. I think for me I always find Dr Who eps focused in the present day to never be as good as the future/past ones.

Tom, you’re not really just typing your blog entries into a textarea field like a LiveJournal teenybopper, are you? This is why God gave us BBEdit (and Satan gave us SubEthaEdit, but let’s not quibble).

I’m afraid I am, yes! I don’t know why – probably nostalgia – but writing posts in offline applications just seems so artificial somehow – almost duplicitous. I know it isn’t, but still… Posts written in BBEdit never get finished in my experience.

I am sooooo loving the new Dr Who at the moment (I got bored with the Chris Ecclestone one in the end). Tennant is a fantasic Dr and I was almost crying when K9 chose to sacrifice himself (do tin dogs have feelings) by getting blown up, and then cheering when the Dr ressurrected him (at the end). Also loved the tension between “the Missus and the Ex” – Sarah Jane and Rose.
K9 is never really going to be the same to current kids but I liked that they made him deliberately “retro”. I hope they can keep up the quality of the series so far. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that Rose’s boyfriend is travelling with them.

I loved it. Loved Anthony Head as the Devil, loved the Alien Space Bats, loved the Doctor/SJS sub-plot. I laughed, I cried. As good as e2, if not better.
But Tom Baker was my last Doctor, I don’t really remember SJS and I never liked K9 – so in a way I’m coming to it fresher than you (Tom), despite being an even older old git.

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