It's all about K9 on Doctor Who…

It’s really difficult to pretend that today is really about anything else than K9‘s reappearance on Doctor Who this evening. I’m a bit nervous about leaving the house at all, just in case the tube goes down or something and I don’t get back in time. I’m particularly worried that the kids won’t understand how cool and important the little box is, and that they’ll laugh at him. Something inside me would find that incredibly upsetting, I think.

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I feel like less of a freak now for staying in today. 🙂 I wasn’t a huge fan of watching the older series when I was younger, but I appreciate 100% everything that was in it, and the significance of the characters, because the new series is just so awesome. Can’t wait to see K9!

Yeah, ditto for me. Although, much as I love K9, I’m looking forward to seeing Lis Sladen return as Sarah Jane — and looking at how her unceremonious dumping from the TARDIS thirty-odd years ago affects her reunion with the Doctor…
As for the kids’ impressions of K9, if the Doctor Who revival has proven one thing, it’s the ability to defeat initial impressions. Look how they so successfully destroyed all the canards about the Daleks last year. Hopefully, we’ll see that, despite his boxiness and inefficiencies, K9 is undeniably lovable…

I wouldn’t be concerned. True, a lot of them won’t know the history behind K9, but they’ll lap it up.
Every time a new episode of Who has aired, the immediate aftermath has been kids playing outside pretending to be werewolves, empty chidlren and Daleks. And Daleks and pretty hokey compared to what they’re used to. Makes not a blind bit of difference for them.

Jon – is that true? I’d be totally delighted if it is – are the schools full of kids pretending to be daleks and werewolves? Because if so, that totally rocks.

Totally true. Gives me the giggles every time. I have to resist the urge to join in (A 25 y/o poof running outside to play with 5 year olds in this day and age? I think not!)

I say 5 year olds… that’s not entirely the case. There’s generally from that age to around 12. From then onwards, of course, everything is totally uncool.

Am I the only one that really didn’t like K9? I was surprised to hear they were bringing it back, and while I’m sure they’ll manage to make it cool, I’m a bit worried…

I was very worried that my Sky Plus would take the opportunity of failing to record, as is its want from time to time. I love the way that the revived Doctor Who series’ are very self-aware, giving a nod to the tin dog which is “a bit disco”. Thank God it juddered its way over the gravel as usual rather than being some CGI hovering cyber-dog!

Sadly my 12 year old daughter, who has been enthralled by the new Doctor Who (“David Tennant is fit”), just didn’t get K9. The potential cuteness value seems to have been cancelled out by what she thought was a ‘really strange voice’.

I have three young boys and they love Doctor Who and they thought K9 was great. One of them went and started building K9 out of Knex after seeing him on Totally Doctor Who.

Loved that episode about K-9 and so did my kids. My 3 year made K-9 out of blocks. is Sladen did a wonderful job. I thought the script was perfect for the return of Sarah Jane. I really think that Doctor Who (past and present) has universal appeal. I’ve been a fan since the 80s (FYI, we live in the US, and of all places – in Utah).

I think K9 should of traveled with the doctor for the rest of this series. It was such a shame to see him stay o earth

I’m 13, and I adore K9!! He’s so cute!! In fact, me n my patrol at guides luv him so much, we named ourselves the Tin Dogs, after him!!

i love k9 hes my best ever dr who character and he’ll always would be ive got loads of toys about k-9 pictures posters and ive made several models of him but they are good but there cardboard until i get older there’ll always be cardboard lol

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