In which my body revolts…

Eurgh. I don’t know what the hell happened, but I’m all over the place biologically today. Hideous gut pains and regularly visits to the unusables aren’t the half of it. I have this horrible feeling it’s one of those not having a sense of smell and not checking the best before date things. Update: Things are not getting better as much as they’re getting worse. As a result, I’m afraid I’m no longer going to be able to make the Apple Store event this evening. I’m basically spending much of my time making pained faces and running backwards and forwards between larger and smaller rooms, and I don’t think that’s necessarily something that a hundred or so people really need to see. The event looks great though, so you should all be going to it – I’ve spent a bit of time talking to Mecca this lunchtime and she’s got her stuff nailed down and it’s great. Again, apologies to all.

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checking the best before date things
My mother alsways said that you should meet the parents before a date.
Hope it all clears up in a rush

Oh dear, I hope you’re feeling better soon, Tom. Personally, I buy almost all of my food from Sainsbury’s’ (is that how one indicates possession in this case?) Reduced to Clear section and eat it a few days later.

Sorry to hear that Tom. Get better soon! And I don’t see Mecca on the original list of contributors – is she standing in for you?

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