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It’s not that I find advertising uncomfortable, it’s that I find the idea of using yourself as advertising space uncomfortable. And I do think it’s different for some of the people who get lots and lots of traffic to your weblogs – they’re basically celebrities, they end up writing less personally and less for their own self-expression and more for an audience, so I’m not so uncomfortable about that. But I still think that selling advertising space on your own body takes it a bit far.

Coincidentally, I’ve just read David Weinberger’s excellent article Resist Corrupting Blogs with Messages (it’s an article in Advertising Age, hence the specialised meaning of the word ‘message’).

Personalization increases the efficiency of marketing, but there is still nothing personal about it, and one-to-one marketing has a real human being on one side of the equation but a corporate marketing department on the other. Bloggers are highly sensitive to marketers pretending to care, when in fact the marketers have an ulterior motive. Blogs, on the other hand, are truly personal. They’re written by individual humans who-for whatever reason-want to talk in public about what matters to them … if marketers enter the blogosphere by messaging, they will stand out like an ad on a birthday cake.

The important thing is the focus on the blogosphere, which David (rightly) describes as a conversation. Even if some individual bloggers are happy to embrace marketing, it has a corrupting effect at the level of the conversation.

This article furthers my hypothesis that an emotionally healthy person will often be a physically healthy person. I have two grandparents still alive-one who is learning spanish and teaching english, plays golf and reads the paper every day-she has overcome cancer and is very healthy. My other grandparent however does nothing, and is in rapid decline. Her mind is more confused everytime I see her. I think there is a direct link! Now it is confirmed.

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