Talking at the Apple Store about weblogs…


I have a kind of superstition when it comes to public speaking, and the superstition is that I don’t write about the fact that I’m going to be doing the speaking on my site until I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to be talking about. My concern – that I don’t get a bunch of people coming from out there in the world who will watch me make a fool of myself. I am currently breaking that rule. Tomorrow evening I will be talking at the Regent Street Apple Store of all places with a bunch of other weblogging reprobates to help people get their head around weblog culture in a little event that the Londonist crew have organised called Blogging Demystified. Here is the advert:

The big problem is that I have absolutely no idea what to talk about. All my colleagues have had a bit more of a run-up to this thing (having not landed back in the country after a month away a little over a week ago) and they’ve gone and claimed all the major fruitful subject areas. Damn you Annie! Damn you Inky Circus Girls! Damn you, Reynolds. Oh, what’s that? You’re all screwed too?

Update: I’m afraid it looks like my body has decided to take this particular decision off the table, by subjecting me to a succession of clenchings, squirtings, belchings and throwings that have made me extremely unpleasant company most of the morning. As a consequence I’m having to bow out of the event tonight, and I’m going to be heading home shortly to get reacquainted with my bathroom. Really sorry to everyone, and should any other event be organised subsequently I’ll entirely be there.