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you’re missing out, coates. the draenei are far more impressive than some stinky elves. their history alone is more fun imo ( ) as they were originally viewed as the more formidable race on Draenor.
they’ll be part demon too, which begs the question of how susceptible to a warlock’s ‘enslave demon’ spells they might be. perhaps a racial of ‘un-en-slaveable’ will solve this. let’s call it Obadiah in honour of Obadiah Brown.
anyhows – blood elves? phooey! we’re already infested with elfs across every server and we’re forced to tolerate their arrogance and pretensions. who cares that they’re the adam and eve of azeroth?! stupid elves. now the half demon draenei who’d travelled through the portal with the orcs, that’s where it’s at.
besides, the draenei avatars have the most polygons.

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