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In re: Coca-Cola Blak: One of the many varieties of Pepsi available in Vietnam is coffee-flavoured- I highly reccomend it, if you can get your hands on it. Perhaps one of our more internet-savvy folks can find it online, but I can’t remember exactly what it was called. Sorry. FWIW, the Coffee-Coke combination has got loads of precedent, and was one of the most popular “odd-combo” drinks at the coffee shop where I used to work.

Coca-Cola BlaK: I had one of those when I was in Paris, recently. Absolutely nasty stuff. It’s essentially coffee espresso-flavoured Coca-Cola.

I had Coca-Cola Blak in Boston recently. It came in a traditional Coke shaped glass bottle, but with a plastic cap. I thought that was weird.
It was pretty gross. Perhaps exceptionally so. I do recall I finished it though, because I paid for it, and i’ll be damned if i’m going to let junk food products go to waste.
You could try some Pepsi Max Cino which is available locally. It’s sort of in the same ballpark as that.
If not, Cybercandy might have some for sale. They have a teeny tiny little shop in a side street near The Ivy. Regardless of the availability of Blak, it’s a fun shop to visit.

You don’t think that Gay Pride represents all that is hateful and evil about our society? The cliquiness, the prejudice, the emphasis on “style” and monetary worth and the material. I was a part of the gay scene for a while and it seemed to me that many people there were shallow and – bizarrely – bigoted. And the music. Jesus fucking Christ – the diaboloical music.
Now, if Yahoo! were celebrating queer identity, that would be amazing.

On Coca-Cola Blak: I know it sounds gross, and I wrinkled my nose at it when I first heard about it, but it’s strangely… addictive. It’s carbonated coffee, if that makes sense. It tastes like soda and then HEY! coffee? I actually quite like it…

To clarify: I’m the hunter, not the ninja.
I tracked it down and blogged it. I didn’t create it.
H. Andrew Lynch, Frank Ramirez, Sarah Ramirez, James Young, John Boyd, Paul Kim, Matt Leacock, Erin Malone are the ninja.
I guess that makes me more Bjork than Bruce Lee. Fine by me.

Coca-Cola Blak:
CyberCandy has it.
£1.10 per can. Available in cases etc.
They’re at:
11 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
Great little shop. It’s been a good source for those Australian sweets I can’t find in London.

In reply to Polly (I’m straight, but what the hell)… I think you take what space you can. If Yahoo! – or just about any business with the size and visibility of Yahoo! – were celebrating queer identity, either they’d blatantly get it wrong or they’d be denounced by queer theorists for subtly appropriating & distorting it. ‘Pride’ is sufficiently overground, mainstream, non-transgressive and unsubversive to make a good fit with Yahoo! – and, even if it’s not your gay identity (I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be mine) it is a gay identity. And that in itself is an achievement; it’s not so many years ago that Angus Deayton was getting away with ‘shirtlifter’ jokes on HIGNFY.
Put it this way, the more endorsement Pride gets, the less you have to fight for the visibility of an overground/mainstream/etc gay scene, and the more space you have to build gay-but-not-Gay-Pride-gay alternatives. Perhaps.

Monster House may look good, but we all know Snakes on a Plane will be the summer hit! 🙂

I’ll give this a whirl to try it tomorrow, Pepsi’s Cino tastes smooth like vanilla coke. The thing I find out about Blak is the odd wrap on the bottle that looks like some sort of infernal camoflage pattern and then when you go to the web site you’re greeted by some smooth jazz soundtrack. Its almost like Coke don’t know what to make of it.

I think Coke is so far behind the times on this one… I recall years ago drinking a similar beverage, which tasted much better. My favorite was the Mocha Java Cola. A sad day when they went under…

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