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Links for 2006-06-15

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I’m a biologist, I’ve done field work in Australia, and seen enough amazing things to last a lifetime. (Not that it will. I want more.) And I’ve never seen a bird as amazing as the one on that clip of the lyrebird. Blew me away. The fact that he had learned chainsaw sounds was sad though, for what it says about our world.

the camera pans away when the sounds of the trees getting chopped down starts. this is fake, right? except the camera clicks were pretty cool….

Yep, definitely real… We have lyre birds near our place in Northern New South Wales… Although, when watching this video, I almost expected to see the dude from Police Academy walk out.

This is possibly my favourite footage of all the hours the Attenborough crew ever captured. I am a big fan of everything Attenborough’s ever presented. Is this from Life On Earth? I can’t remember now.

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