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For me, there are three problems with this trailer:
1) Beagle 2 wasn’t a rover
2) It’s got Michael Bay’s name on it
3) Where Michael Bay’s name appears below ‘Transformers’, it should say ‘Robots in Disguise’

I’m excited yet strangely subdued…
Call me crazy but I can’t remember any Mars shit in the cartoon nor movie. Plus, just to prove my geekiness once more, the only reason the Transformers look like our trucks and cars is because they crashed to Earth and decided to take on the appearance of what they though there the dominate lifeforms of our planet in order to go about unseen.
Putting them on Mars makes that plot point slightly redundant, unless the first Transformer we encounter looks like a giant NASA lander…

i saw the trailer for this when i saw potc2. i thought it looked so cool. until i found out it was for a transformers movie. looked like it was going to be a cool sci-fi alien thriller flick.

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