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Links for 2006-06-27

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“twisted, dreadnaught hair”?
Have dreads not reached Louisiana yet (seems unlikely) or is ‘dreadnaught’ a genuine USAn coinage? A (correctly-spelled) ‘dreadnought’ is a kind of guitar used by USAn folkies – I found that out last week, coincidentally – but I doubt there’s any connection.

That article’s kind of funny, but also kind of depressing as well: ‚ÄúThey‚Äôre kind of confused because they think they‚Äôre women so they don‚Äôt mind hitting women, but they‚Äôre dudes” How do they know they “think they’re women”? It’s a news story that could very easily get used in some sort of Republican agenda.

ARE YOU MENTALLY INCAPACITATED??? How is it funny, my mum was stolen from a shop once and i never found her again and i had to buy a new one and New orleans is uber cool ffs.

“They come in groups of three or four. One tries to distract you while the others get the stuff and run out the door. It’s very simple,” Ogle said.”
I love the idea that one of them causes the diversion, as if you would stop noticing the others!

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