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Links for 2006-07-09

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Weirded out, but… in a good way. Seeing Lucy Liu was the particularly weirdest one, for some reason. I’m really looking forward to the launch, even though I won’t be back in the country until the Tuesday.

LCD wifi-enabled photoframes
Bugger – I had that idea last Friday… At least, I was thinking about the possibilities created by pervasive wifi plus cheap[er] LCD displays, which are extraordinary (albeit rather creepy – I’d prefer the physical world to stay physical, thanks all the same).
I can’t see the appeal of personal GPS at all. I must be getting old.

Thanks for linking to UGTV ’06 and for calling us ‘fairly forward thinking’. We’ll be writing notes so I’ll send you a link after the event.

Thankfully the Mastercard rebrand isn’t quite as bad as it sounds, the Mastercard logo is still the same they just created a new logo for the parent company to use hence the added “worldwide” tagline.
Bit random but there you go, if it was the new logo it would have gone down with BT as the weirdest most pointless rebrand of all time.
On a final note I’m with Phil here I can’t see the appeal of GPS but there you go. I guess what would be quite sweet would be a Yahoo Maps enabled GPS tracker combined with something like Yahoo 360 where you could see in realtime where your old friends and family were…hold on that’s a pretty good idea, if you ever use it Tom I expect a percentage of the ad revenue;)

Thankfully I have Sky+ so when Dame Judy “Wench” skipped past my view dressed as a lobster I had time, once my brain had realised what was going on, to rewind the advert.
How bizarre. I wonder how ‘staged’ it was though, it would’ve been great if all the passers-by were just that, passers-by..
“Er… was that Ewan McGregor??”

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