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I’m a Rails learner, and having got frustrated with the 1st Edition of the Agile book – because it was so out-of-date ‚Äì I’m having much more luck with learning from the beta version of the second. It’s updated some crucial stuff (but there are still errors and omissions). Looking forward to the hard copy.

As far as the new Rails book is concerned, it pretty much rocks. The more advanced chapters aren’t complete in the version I have right now, but many of the bits added to Rails since the first edition are covered quite well.
Not sure when a physical copy will be available on Amazon and similar, but you can get the not-quite-done PDF immediately from the publisher directly.

The new version of the Agile Rails book probably won’t show up on Amazon for a while. If you’re going to order it, I’d just get it straight from the Pragmatic folks. I bought the hardcopy of the 1st edition, but have bought the PDF of the 2nd, and so far the latest revision seems really close to being finished. They seem to release an update to the PDF every couple of weeks.

I’ve got the alpha versions of the PDF, and the changes are pretty substantial. It does change about once a month.
I’d also suggest just buying the PDF of the 2nd Ed now directly from the Pragmatic site.
BTW, another really useful and cheap resource is O’Reilley’s “RJS Templates for Rails” for about $9US, which covers Rails’ support for Ajax:

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