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Links for 2006-08-31

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First application I could think of – a pattern on the lapel that pulses when you have a phone call. Particularly good if you’re somewhere noisy and dark.
Personally I’d rather people switched their bloody phones off once in a while, but never mind. Philips seem to have been thinking along slightly different lines:
Lumalive textiles make it possible to create fabrics that carry dynamic advertisements, graphics and constantly changing color surfaces.
Note order of priorities.
(Yes, I am feeling grumpy today…)

I love the adverts E4 makes! – I especially like the ones have that ever so slightly posh bloke saying random things like ‘flip your telly box over’ and ‘… and shes got the right ruddy horn!’ – fantastic!

I saw some Lumalive stuff in action in Berlin, it was a bit fuzzy looking. Fabric-based watch displays, maybe?
Smart fabrics are very interesting.
And sudo is basically a Unix joke (!) where “sudo” allows you to force another user to do something (or that’s the funny version, ahem). I doubt we’ll be seeing it on telly any time soon.

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