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Regarding the travel time maps, that’s actually a concept that’s been around for some time, but seems to be re-thought of every so often! The proper name for them is “isochrones”.
If you wanted to know which areas in London are well connected, there’s a method that’s been developed using GIS where you can measure a 60-minute public transport travel time isochrone (which includes time for walking and waiting), then use census data to count how many people live or work within that isochrone – so, for example, about 3.35m people live within an hour of King’s Cross.
If you want to compare different places across the country, you’d take population density into account by comparing how many people are within 60 minutes to how many people are within a control distance such as a 20km radius, and then you’d get a percentage which would be higher for a location that can be reached by more people in that control catchment area.

Thanks ‚Äì glad you like the site! We have obviously been checking out the design of for inspiration… 🙂 btw ‚Äì enjoyed your talk from Carson Workshops. btw2 ‚Äì caterina fake wanted us to meet with you when we were both over in San Francisco, however time (or rather the lack of it!) got in the way… Would be great to do it at another day! take care

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