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Links for 2006-09-18

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You’re right, the Zdnet post is a bit ridiculous. Not only is the “worst-of” rather sour and off-base — i think most attendees left inspired to see the idea of “enterprise” development debunked in the face of lots of great projects built by small teams and passionate users — but i disagreed 180 degrees from the “best-of” review of Carl Sjogreen’s Google Calendar presentation as well.
My notes show Carl referring to Google Calendar as “visually appealing and joyous to use”. While it’s natural to be attached to your own project, describing GCal that way really confused me, especially given so many beautiful apps that were presented that day. He wasn’t able to take questions at the end so I wasn’t able to ask, but I was really curious: given how nice, apple’s iCal, even Outlook’s interfaces look — Google Calendar is visually appealing compared to what?

I was just about to blog about Arrington’s outrageous reference to PopSugar as a “women’s issues” site. I had to go back into my notes to confirm that I just wasn’t imagining it. How out of touch is Arrington and the whole old boys club in Silicon Valley?
On a totally different note, I loved your presentation, Tom. I really appreciated the “historical” context that you provided around social networking as well as its evolution, including the Consensus & Polyphony models.
Cheers .. Kate

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