Get your own tiny Flickr cards!

A few months ago I posted a picture of my new beautiful tiny little fun sort of business cards and since then I’ve been giving them out and every time I do so people sort of go, “Ooooh! Where can I get some of these?” Until now I’ve had to tell people just to wait a little bit longer, but now I’m delighted to say that I can direct you to and the beautiful new site that they’ve just created.

I’m afraid I’m going to gush a bit about this one – it’s such a lovely service. You can go to their site, tell them your Flickr username, and then it’ll load up all your photos. You can then choose up to a hundred different images, crop them all to a size that you like, add your name and address on the back and they’ll print them on high quality card in full colour and send them to your door for $20. The experience of up to a hundred unique and different little business cards is pretty bizarre and awesome. Because you took all the photos, they feel really personal and like each one has somehow captured a memory. It makes the whole experience of giving people cards more fun as well – they get to choose the card that they like the most. And they’re completely expressive. Cal has a set of cards that are all of his bizarre Blinding Flash series of photos. I’ve got a set coming full of all my favourite photos from the last few years. It’s all really good fun.

Now I’ve got a sort of vested interest in the project in as much as it’s a little start-up that’s full of high quality friends of mine, including Stefan Magdalinski and Dan Burzynski who I worked with at and the wonderful Denise Wilton who I worked with (also with Flickr’s Cal Henderson) at emap. But don’t let that confuse you – it’s a lovely little project and well worth exploring in more depth. And just in case you haven’t noticed yet, if you’re a Flickr Pro user, you can get ten cards delivered to your door for free! Every single one of you! That’s pretty cool, huh?

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Just ordered some of these babies and it certainly is a great service. I was expecting at least to have to pay postage on my free cards, but was delighted that free actually does mean free here!

I think the Technorati ranks are quite skewed with regards to blogs the recently moved to science blogs. And from my own experience with Technorati, “recently” in their terms can be weeks… They’re not always up to date, and have a very hard time handling moved sites or merged domains (two urls both leading to the same site). I tried that once and suddenly I had 0 incoming links, said the mighty Technorati website. Then I had to wait about a month for support, so you can see why I don’t believe in Technorati’s numbers very much.

I am a “multi-blogger”. I have three blogs on TypePad (one general blog [current events, sports, books, movies], one photoblog, one parenting blog), a work-related one on Blogger, and another group-authored blog on Blogger as well. One reason to have multiple blogs is to separate your work life and interests from your personal life.

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