Clean your flat in sixty seconds…

I just got back from the US after Hack Day and I’ve been away a while and I’d forgotten what a wreck my flat had become in the build-up to Future of Web Apps. Anyway, I’d been recently introduced to the OSX time-lapse app Gawker and I sort of wondered whether making a bit of a performance out of the whole thing might be a suitable self-motivator! And it totally was! Here’s the result – two hours of post-work cleaning in sixty seconds! And now with added Hoff! Why don’t you have a go too? I love the idea of a whole Internet full of performance cleaning.

There’s a slightly higher quality version in Quicktime of the whole thing here: Cleaning my flat in sixty seconds.

29 replies on “Clean your flat in sixty seconds…”

good, but not sure about the nightrider music – I think what with the high speediness of the film you should of used something like the wonder woman theme tune!

Simply superb, although the Hoff Subliminal caused an involuntary shudder.
Glad to see I’m not the only person who cleans by sitting on the floor with a black plastic bag.
Nicely done sir!

Nice one,
Was that the original or a remix of the nightrider theme? What version?

So inspiring! Now I just need to light a candle in respect of my hunk o’ burnin’ love Hasselhoff, watch more episodes of Ze, and keep more on top of
…wait. Where’d those thoughts come from?

Wow, this wonderful technique could reduce furhter (after smoking, beer, etc) the time spent during sex, till it reaches the bare essential. Fabulous.

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