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Links for 2006-10-15

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“Seems to me most people compare themselves with hot friends and the young people rather than to billboards and adverts.”
If we compared ourselves to real people, then the photoshopping wouldn’t be necessary, and neither would make up, because we’d all be… well… accepting of flaws. And the billboards would reflect that.
Dove are very clever though, as we all know they don’t care about “real beauty”, they care about selling the product via tapping into a disenfranchised audience (much like the BNP). More to that effect, they sell products that enhance the way we look to the point where we’re more socially acceptable. Despite that, I like the campaign.

Hmm,, brought to us by Dove, a brand owned by Unilever, the people who also own
* Lynx (Axe)
* Elizabeth Arden
* Calvin Klein
and other image-centric brands.
I guess they have to sell to the people that are turned off by the above brands but the hypocracy is interesting…

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