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I’ve just noticed that Ryan Carson and the Carson Workshops crew have put up presentations and MP3s for the Future of Web Apps summit that I spoke at in San Francisco a few weeks ago. For some reason there is no associated MP3 with my talk—probably I didn’t plug in the microphone properly or something. Can’t be helped. However, the slides are still up should anyone out there be interested in reading them.

While I’m on the subject of presentations and podcasts, I thought I should mention that shortly after the Carson talk Brian Oberkirch came into the Yahoo offices to talk to me and record a podcast about the two major subjects I’ve been talking about publically this year: designing for a web of data and building social software that helps individuals get together to make something greater than the sum of its parts. I’m afraid I think the MP3—which is around fifty minutes long—is a bit random and sprawling. I started off on-edge and I don’t think I ever really relaxed into it. But if you’ve got the time to sit through something that long and unfocused then there’s probably something in it that some people will find useful. Brian’s page about the podcast is here orif you’d ratheryou can listen directly to the MP3 or via this player from Odeo:

It’s not my finest hour, but it’s probably not completely without value. Brian’s also done a lot of other podcasts with people recently, including two of my favourite people Chad Dickerson and Ted Rheingold. I’d definitely recommend listening to them.

The other thing that Brian did was take a photo of me to go along with the podcast. I’m so used to looking tired and old in photos that I’m actually going to specifically mention how much I like this particular photo. Thanks old chap!

Tom Coates by Brian Oberkirch

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I was just listening to the podcast. I really have no idea what you’re going on about. But, you sound great saying it.
You’re right about the photo. I’m not a creepy stalker, honest.

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