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Links for 2006-10-24

  • Jeff Bezos talks about Amazon web services to Technology Review This territorylarge corporations turning the massive services that they’ve had to develop as core competancies into commoditised servicesseems to me to be one of the major tenets of the web to come. Watch this stuff.
  • Michael J. Fox campaigns on behalf of stem cell research in the US It’s fascinating how much interest this appears to have caused. Personally, given the heat around the debate in the US at the moment, I’m sort of impressed by his courage.
  • Rufus Cubed Productions This is the professional Machinima outfit responsible for many short films as well as much of the WOW-work in the recent South Park episode we all loved so much…
  • IDEA 2006 Peter Merholz is involved in organising this fascinating looking conference happening right now in Seattle. This is one that I really wish I’d been able to go to.
  • David Cameron’s approval ratings are apparently starting to falter Specifically as a result of some of the apparently policy-lite soft-left stuff that he’s been pumping around recently. I can’t see my traditionally right-wing family taking to him particularly. They’re definitely hoping there’s some steel under all the touchy-feely stuff…