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Oh. My. God. How can you say that about Richard Dawkins? He is not clearly and self-evidently right, and believing that he is is to show remarkably little critical thinking, reason, or scientific enquiry. I don’t get along with his style, but I also don’t get along with his substance; he might be a knowledgeable biologist, but like so many before him, he seems to think that expertise in one area qualifies him to pronounce on any subject he feels strongly about. This emotional connection only undermines the soundness and completeness of his argument.

Glad you discovered the RDF site. Quite aisde from its campaigning activities (which are very worthy), it has a great colection of Dawkins’ writings and video of previous lectures, TV appearances and so on which are intellectual gold.

Richard Dawkins has a style that not everyone gets along with, but that doesn’t stop him being clearly and self-evidently right.
Dawkins’ style (nice parody, by the way) reminds me of nothing so much as the Daily Show three-minute Islam vs Christianity debate:
“You can say what you like about Dawkins, but surely we can all agree that he’s clearly and self-evidently right. Come on – what part of ‘religion is irrational’ don’t you understand?”

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