Shiny TV lady watches me clean my flat…

Well here’s something weird that happened to me today. Yahoo! has this thing called The 9 and it’s like nine memes that they think are funny or cool or interesting or whatever and it’s presented by this lady who is sort of perfect and shiny and full of happiness and not in the slightest bit frayed around the edges. The very idea of her and me operating on the same planet seems to me completely implausible. But now she’s watched me cleaning my flat and somwhere deep inside I can’t tell you how funny I find that. It all feels a bit backwardsI thought I was supposed to be watching the shiny lady on television while cleaning my flat, not have impossibly airbrushed happy people glued to their screens while I do the dishes. Totally freaky bizarre. Thank you Great Aunt Yahoo for making my afternoon more entertaining than I could possibly have expected!

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Yes! I also love the fact that I could bump into her in the corridor if I ever went down to Santa Monica. Maybe she eats in the canteen! Who am I kidding. She doesn’t eat, she must be the product of a large render farm somewhere. No real person is that full of vim!

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