The visual identity of the Future of Web Apps…

One thing you can say about Ryan Carson is that he knows how to make something look and feel ultra-sharp. You only have to look at the way he packaged up the Future of Web Apps conference to see that. I don’t know quite what the concentration on branding says about these events, except that they’re probably about appealing to very different audiences to the O’Reilly round of conferences. Or perhaps it just says that Ryan’s got more of a sense of drama? The pictures below don’t really do the whole thing justice. I’d very much recommend looking at the video: Future of Web Apps Visual Identity (Quicktime movie).

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Hey Tom,
Thanks for the mention! Gill was the one responsible for comissioning the piece and the branding. She’s great at that 🙂
The video definitely shows that we’re serious about quality design. It’s important to us that things look nice, make sense, and inspire people.
So thanks for giving us a nod 🙂
– Ryan

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