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There’s something about appearing on celebrity big brother that makes you fair game for anyone at anytime for the whole of the rest of your life, whether you like it or not.
The problem facing Preston is the fact that what Mr Amstell was taking the piss out of (Chantelle getting excited over M&S clothes) was actually pretty funny. I can’t imagine, however, that Chantelle would have taken it all that personally – she seems to treat all this stuff in a surprisingly, and commendably, water-off-a-duck’s-back type way. She clearly could teach Preston a thing or two.

Preston is indeed quite charming, though the news reportage does make it seem he was overreacting (apparently he got upset that people thought it was funny that Chantelle thought M&S was upmarket and classy).
He’s not gonna do well out of it, is he?
Now, do you mean roasted in the same way footballers do? Will there be tickets on sale?

You might be interested to know that TD (Tower Defense) is a genre of game developed by the players in Warcraft 3 (the real time strategy game). The Warcraft 3 map editor had a decent amount of scripting available inside it, and a whole community sprung up around tower defense maps. This is one of the more simple tower defense warcraft 3 maps recreated in flash.
The better Tower Defense maps were actually quite a bit more complicated — in many cases you can build some towers on the walkway to force the creeps along certain paths. Some of the TD maps had a dizzying amount of options. They were quite a lot of fun multiplayer — many could be played cooperatively or competitively (you could spend money to send especially annoying monsters over to your opponents side for example). With multiple players cooperating, finding synergistic upgrade paths becomes vital.
I know that I played TD style maps (and another style popularized by DoTA War3 maps) much more than ‘vanilla’ Warcraft 3.

I completely hear you about having a thing about lovely Preston. Trouble is, I also have a thing about not-quite-so-physically-lovely-but-definitely-more-intelligent-which-is-sexy-in-its-own-way Simon Amstell.
So who should I back in this completely important battle of the cuties? I’m just so torn…

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