Good luck, Simon Willison!

The most important news of the day as far as I’m concerned is that it’s the last day of my little colleague Simon Willison‘s stint at Yahoo!, which means that our little inpromptu dysfunctional family that started with Simon and I locked in a room with each other a little over fourteen months ago, and which was extended by young Mr Hammond‘s arrival in March, is now back to two again. That Simon and I have managed to be pretty much solidly in each other’s company for over a year now without killing each other is probably a testament to how cool he can be. I have to confess that I will miss him terribly.

He’s going to be spending two days a week doing freelance work and public speaking and living in Oxford with his lovely girlfriend, so if you need anyone with an astonishing grasp of Python, Django, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, OpenID, Web APIs and about a thousand other things, then this is the time you should be contacting him and begging. There may be some form of drinks this evening. Contact Simon or maybe Norm (who I’ve decided to nominate for the job of organising said drinks) if you want to know more.

Generally, though, it’s a time of significant change, which is why I’ve not been writing much recently. It’s all a little overwhelming. More when I’ve got some perspective on it all.

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