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*Channelling Tebbit*
…but you don’t have to ‘choose’ to act like a gay…
*End of channelling Tebbit*
(It’s one of my real hates that the word ‘gay’ is used to mean ‘crap’ and it makes me feel like an old man when I lecture ‘American wannabe’ kids into how stupid it sounds).
Needless to say Penny Arcade has sunk in my estimation.

As for the Penny Arcade, I think he was refering to the character’s former attitude to Mac and Apple, not that it would be some general view of society 😉

Re iPhone and Nokia Series 60. A few key differences. The first is the user on S60 can say in a dialog “yes I know this is unsigned, please install and run it anyway,” Nokia exposes all the API’s and makes clear which are available to unsgined apps. You can code in C++, Java/J2ME, Python, Flash…
With the iPhone, Jobs has said “nobody’s playing but my develoeprs” and closed all the doors. Even during the iPhone keynote, a lot of mobile Developers I know were being IM’ed if they could port apps to the iPhone, and they all had to say no.
Say Apple don’t want to add support for MS-Word? I can think of three companies that would have a running app in a few months, to a high standard. They’re already competing on Pocket PC, Palm and Symbian. That’s what the difference is.

The characters in Penny Arcade are regularly made out to be cretins and idiots; depicting acts of murder and ignorance of the country of Japan, for example. Based on their previous work and the voice of their blog, I think this was supposed to continue that running joke by making Gabe seem like an ass for his previous opinion and current obsession.

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