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I’ve often heard video games described as a new form of art. I personally fail to see how running around for hours in a pseudo medieval landscape can reveal any sort of deeper meaning or hidden truth about life. Interactivity replaces narrative and utility replaces form in most games.

“saturation in the marketplace doesn’t mean that everyone writes about Britney, it means that people specialise and there’s more choice”
That’s the theory – I remember Andrew Neil saying that elitists should welcome broadcast deregulation, as the free market would give us dedicated opera and ballet channels. In practice… have you looked at the ‘digital and satellite’ pages of the Radio Times recently? I don’t see much radiation into unoccupied evolutionary niches.

Oops – I should have known better than to use angle-brackets. I meant to say, you need something like
where each ‘-:’ is a one-to-many relationship.

must admit i haven’t read any Dawkins but his TV show and media appearances are a bit tedious. he only ever goes after the swivel-eyed fundamentalists (who admittedly deserve it, but it’s shooting fish in a barrel). i’m more of a richard holloway fan myself.

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