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Links for 2007-01-22

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Now I’m just waiting for trabby Bart to be overly excited.. Oh wait! He already is! 🙂
I think she’ll definitely win the next up either way – and for better, not worse. Too bad she’s such a strategic she didn’t gamble and went up against Bush on his second, anyway, I think. But heck! Can’t get much worse now, except that Israel will invade Iran..

Surely the real tension in Contact is that between the audience and the hugely disappointing anti-climax?
Still, it’s worth watching for that WHUMP WHUMP sound effect.

I’m waiting for the DVD extras where Harry Potter tries to teach Dumbledore about OpenID and Django. In fact ‘Ajaxology’ sounds suspiciously like a Hogwarts class.
It’s some advanced magic whereby you take a fairly simple bit of JavaScript, add lots of buzzwords to impress Muggles and triple your paycheque in the process. Case in point – the AJAX2007 conference. The tickets are the best part of three grand.

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