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Links for 2007-04-30

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The Monocle bicycle looks like a beautiful, new Amsterdam bike. Mind you, if the A’dam bike was new and had a few shiny bits.
Congrats to Mr. Biddulph.

About Grindhouse… i think it might help yes.
I was so fortunate to be in New York last week, and made use of the opportunity to see both movies in one go. Even though it’s marvelous to see them back to back, i can see why three hours of b-movie glorification is not everyones idea of a good time.
But if they were released separately, i still would recommend both. Rodriguez’ bit for the over the top gore, Tarantinos bit for the action. And ofcourse, the brilliant fake trailers inbetween. I hope they don’t get chucked.

A guy here at work printed out the London map on A3 and put it up behind his desk, as long as you don’t stand too close it looks pretty good…of course if you don’t stand too close you can‚Äôt read any of the words so it looks like a plain old black and white map. Joy.
As for Grindhouse it didn’t work when they split up Kill Bill, admittedly that was one movie and not two but even so it‚Äôs never a good idea. If studios are that worried about the length they can just suggest a cinema break like Return of The King (which I found most annoying but I guess some people have weak bladders).

Here in Australia, Those In The Know who I speak with are suggesting that Grindhouse won’t even get a theatrical release here. It’s supposedly going to be a straight-to-rental/DVD thing.
Then again, being shanked in the US box-office listings by something as dire as Disturbia has to have an effect. Is now the right time to mention that, like Baz Luhrmann, I find QT to be all mouth no trousers?

One problem with Grindhouse is that the key demographic for US film-goers just doesn’t remember the double-feature, and foreign audiences more or less said goodbye to the two-film matinee much earlier. So there are reports of people leaving after the first film.
It seems made for the people (especially Americans) who were teenagers in the 1970s and now have a 50-inch flatscreen with full surround. (Heck, my wife’s uncle has a projection room in his house. He’s squarely in that demographic.) Expect an early DVD release and good sales from people who gave up on going to the cinema when they got rich.

Perhaps they should’ve tried something viral a-la NIN’s Year Zero to build it up and get a further understanding of the premise out there before it was released?
Either that, or Quentin should’ve sucked it up and released the thing straight to VHS, straight up.

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