Some things I'd like to do…

My life has been a bit strange and a bit strained recently, as anyone who knows me will be able to testify. There are a lot of reasons that I haven’t really been keeping this site particularly up to date, brain strain and stress aren’t the only ones (and I’ll talk about the rest of them sometime soon), but they’re definitely among them. Anyway, with the sun out and various forms of progress and movement coursing through my head, I’m starting to feel some kind of end to the crapulence and am starting to stretch out in various directions trying to work out what I can do with all the great swathes of frustrated energy that I’ve previously been turning almost totally inwards on myself.

My latest scheme, as of this evening, is to try and start thinking about some things that I’d just really like to do that I actually could probably get done and which would be experientially rewarding. I’m not talking about going and killing a hobo or toppling government or anything, just things that I’ve maybe always thought might be quite interesting to do, but I’ve never motivated myself to get out of bed and actually do.

My list so far is pretty small, and doesn’t include things I’d like to buy (own home would be nice but never going to happen at this rate). So here we go. Some things I’d really quite like to do:

  • I’d like to go on a helicopter ride over London and take photos. In fact I’d like to go exploring a lot more and take a bunch of photos. I keep looking at my photos of Las Vegas and getting a sense of how fucking cool it was to see those things and how I’d like to see more super awesome things and crystalise them into pixels and keep them on the Internet forever. Feel the same way? Let me know!
  • I want to get a man-facial—perhaps here or here—because I’ve never had one and I think it would be bloody interesting and/or weird and also because if you look right close up at the big versions of my recent weird headshots all you can see are big blackheads the size of Kent and I don’t care if you think it’s because I’m gay, because it’s pathetic enough for straight men not to do things because people might think they’re gay. Worse still for those of us who actually are.
  • I want to go and see Spider-man 3 in the cinema on pretty much the day it comes out at the biggest bloody cinema that I can find with a whole bunch of the people I like most in the world. And I want popcorn. And I want a big vat of coke. And I don’t bloody care if it’s going to suck. And I don’t want people complaining that the cinema is crowded. And I want good seats in the middle, somewhere between row ten and row thirty.
  • I want to go to the Fat Duck and have the super ridiculous tasting menu. With nice people. And I want to dress up a bit.
  • I’d really like to learn how to Scuba-dive at some point too. And go to Burning Man. And PopTech. Also I want to go to the Far East, Egypt and the mud mosque of Djenne. But maybe that’s something for another time.

And while I’m on the subject, even though I said this wasn’t about buying things, I’d quite like to get this bicycle and potter around on it, even though apparently it’s a women’s bike and no man worth his salt would be seen on it. And I’d like to get this poster and frame it. And I’d like this case for my camera and finally own my own personal copy of Creative Suite 3. But maybe that’s another story for another day.

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My friends bought me a massage and facial at The Refinery for my birthday, something I never would of bought for myself. I was a little nervous about the facial part, but still went along as I knew i’d at least enjoy the massage.
However, it was the facial that was definitely the best bit. All in all 90mins of total indulgence. They were friendly and it’s very tempting to go back. Go for it!

that bike is so dreamy, also it says “designed for men and women” on the site, hence you can ride about with your masculinity intact.

Love the list – lots of experiences and all of them reachable. Definitely recommend the scuba-diving. Floating with the fishes is wonderfully relaxing, even in the UK waters.

I’m not sure whereabouts you are in the UK but for a good movie experience I recommend trying out Bluewater and then asking for gallery seats. Will cost you GBP 14 per ticket but well worth the experience. I’ll certainly be doing that when Spider Man 3 is around as well as Die Hard 4.0

Oh sure, Monocle say it’s for men and women, but if you visit the US outlet for the bikes here or the herr page of their Swedish site, you’ll see that all bikes for men have the alarming crossbar that makes the bike hard to get onto and makes you concerned about castration should you fall off. It’s only the women’s bikes that have the (surely) much more practical bar that allows you to get onto your bike without having to stand on something or fall over.

I saw you asking on your twitter but wasn’t sure how send you the details.
I go to Jason Shankey a couple or so times a year. If you are willing to spend the dosh, get a hair cut and massage at the same time. You leave feeling quite good, and surprisingly (for me) looking quite good. It’s worth doing. Pity it’s pricey to do often. It’s not exactly fun (and I get lectured for being lazy) but that’s why I get the massage too.
JS, might not be your neck of the woods, but I can highly recommend them. Just not to my friends, who I lie about it.
Oh and completely second you on the Fat Duck. That and the French Laundry and one in Chicago and Spain are totally on my list to do. Right after ‘getting a girlfriend’

I’d be quite up for having a facial, and don’t really care if anyone would think I was gay; just having a face clear of crap would be nice.
That bike looks very smart – definitely a nice pottering-around-town machine. I don’t see why a “men’s” bike must have a cross-bar, especially for a town bike; it’s not like you’ll be going over difficult terrain and need the extra support for the frame.
I say go for it on all counts.

Hey Tom – learn to scuba – it’s absolutely worth it, it’ll blow your mind, and it’s a great excuse to go to all kinds of cool bits of the world.
I learnt here last year: – it’s in West London, it’s very friendly, and after one day in the pool you’re ready to tackle a coral reef. Which is fucking amazing.

I fully endorse the getting on the bike idea — it’s great for the mind as well as the body. I started cycling a lot about a year ago, and have since upgraded to a better bike and now do most of my journeys on it. It encourages a healthier pace of life, cleanses you psychologically, and is good for the environment to boot.
Next month, I get rid of my car!

I agree with you about the Fat Duck. Its one of the best restaurants in the world and I’d love to try it out…
Oh and love getting man-facials! They feel so good.

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