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Clearly a PSO needs to use cross-platform technology but maybe you’re inadvertently going a bit far saying Microsoft-only will never be acceptable; Microsoft’s Silverlight will soon run on Mac and Linux, including full DRM support.

That, unfortunately, will probably be the conclusion that both the BBC and the regulators come to, but I think it’s the wrong one. The big damage from this is the BBC adding its stamp to any one particular technology company’s approach to DRM – particularly a large player under antitrust investigation. Using the public’s money to give Microsoft a monopoly in TV distribution is, I’m afraid, just wrong. I have no problem with Microsoft per se, but the BBC has a specific obligation not to deform the market, and I can’t see how it can do anything other than deform the market if it restricts itself to any one organisation’s DRM tech.
For me, the Apple / Windows thing is a sideshow. It’s important to me that it works on Apple and Linux, but really that’s been a trojan horse for most people in this debate (I believe). The reason for pushing that approach has been tactical – to make it very difficult for the organisation to use only Microsoft DRM without supplementing it by at least one approach.
Having two solid standards for DRM is a good thing for everyone, if for no other reason than it’ll drive the restrictions down to the absolute minimum (if not dismantle it completely) as the organisations compete for audience approval. This is the way the market works, and it seems like in this case a decent market from the consumer’s end in choices between DRM systems would be of general good things for everyone.

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