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Alexander the Great

On Alexander and Uncle Tom…


The other day I was watching BBC Breakfast and they got their film critic on to talk about the premiere of Oliver Stone’s new film Alexander. Now Alexander has not got terribly good reviews and they showed a few clips of the director and some of the actors talking about why it’s been such a Read More

Lunatic Tebbit blames “buggery” for fatness…


The new caring version of the Conservative party doesn’t inspire that much faith in me. I know they’re all multicultural this and “ooh happy gay people” that, but all it really takes is someone like Lord Tebbit to pull back the Transylvanian’s cape to reveal the genuine sentiments of the Old Guard Tories. On the Read More

My blood is unclean…


I couldn’t agree more with this piece on gay men being banned from being sperm donors. The same thing happened a few years ago with the blood transfusion service. They’re desperate for donors and yet the rules say (in the UK) that any man who has ever had sex with another man should not donate. Read More

Legal gay marriages in the United States


Massachusetts has become the first state in the US to allow same-sex couples to get married. Whether it will last or be crushed under the weight of a Constitutional amendment I don’t know, but it’s bloody wonderful in the meantime: Other towns and cities across the state were also prepared to wed large numbers of Read More

A lovely article on Gaydar…


There is a quite charming article on the Independent’s site today – Confessions of a Gaydar junkie – which is about one of the world’s most successful (and mostly unsung) pieces of social software: Gaydar. Like most truly dedicated social software enthusiasts, I have – of course – forced myself to investigate the service, although Read More

On pets…


So Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was apparently – woo – a tremendous success in the States and everyone was so happy about it and stuff because – ha ha – funny gay men patronising the dumbass straight men – how funny is that!? But now – if the reports are to be believed Read More

On the distribution of gay teenagers…


Yesterday (via new-favourite-weblog Let Me Get This Straight), I stumbled upon an article about a Bronx senator and a conservative legal group in Florida who are suing the Harvey Milk school in New York with discrimination. The Harvey Milk school is the target of this attack because it is ‘the gay school” – it’s being Read More

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