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Why I’m looking forward to Leopard…


I’ve been letting last week’s WWDC settle in my brain and have been thinking through the various features both announced and alleged. I’m not particularly overwhelmed by the whole thing, but there’s enough evolutionary change to keep me comfortable as far as I can see. I’ll be buying it as usual, and no doubt there’ll Read More

On playing with my Holux GPS unit…


I have a new toy. It wasn’t enormously cheap and it basically looks like a little box with three lights on it that pulse in interesting ways, but it is extremely exciting and cool. It is a Holux GPSlém 236 GPS blob – recipient of a glowing 99% review over on Here is a Read More

The RCA Summer Show 2006…


Once a year the RCA Summer Show opens its doors – showing over six weeks off all the incredible creative work that its students have created across all their disciplines. The show comes in four main parts, three of which have already come and gone – so if you’re interested in scultpure, fashion and most Read More

How American are Startups?


The second day of XTech and the first day of the conference proper (yesterday being tutorials) starts with a keynote from Paul Graham (see his Wikipedia entry) talking about whether or not the success of Silicon Valley might be replicated elsewhere – more specifically How American are Startups?. Suw Charman’s done a pretty solid near-perfect Read More

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