Jeffrey Zeldman could vibrate through a mountain…

I’m sorry, but Jeffrey Zeldman rocks so hard and fast he could vibrate himself through a mountain. In his latest article “HTMHell” at Adobe’s site, he comes across as a freedom fighter for independent creative content on the web. And Christ knows, we need more of those. Here’s a sample quote from what must be considered a call to arms, a Manifesto for the true digerati – the people that like to play and create and communicate, rather than the people who consider a “good internet idea” to be selling sportswear (however ineffectively):

“So here we are. Ten years into the largest informational makeover since Gutenberg. Five years since software makers, ad moguls, and multimedia megaliths smelled the decaffeinated freeze-dried Folgers. And how have we harnessed Berners-Lee’s incredible gift to the world? Now that the means of production have been handed to us on a silver modem, what are we doing with them?

We’re selling stuff. Swapping stuff. Buying stuff. And watching the dot-commies hemorrhage ad dollars the way Chevrolet and Chrysler used to.”