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Links for 2006-09-20

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Did all the trolls from F*ckedCompany migrate to Techcrunch when I wasn’t looking? The ‘how unprofessional!’ comments really don’t get it in such a visceral way.

Thanks for the link, tom. fyi, we’ve put up a site to help recruit and also give back to the design community. NorthTemple is a tumblelog written by our 10 interaction designers at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
btw, a few of us caught your presentation at the Future of Web Apps last week — yours was at the top of our “best of” list we’ll be presenting to the group. great stuff.
thanks again for the plug-

Barthes’s arguments were typically French and silly. He pushed the ecriable over the lisble, so allowing a generation of arts undergrads to get away with writing unreadable rubbish.
Mythologies is quite lisable, though.

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