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Conference Notes

Podcasts and Presentations…


I’ve just noticed that Ryan Carson and the Carson Workshops crew have put up presentations and MP3s for the Future of Web Apps summit that I spoke at in San Francisco a few weeks ago. For some reason there is no associated MP3 with my talkprobably I didn’t plug in the microphone properly or something. Read More

I’m the only gay in this village?


Right. I’m in a bit of a mood right now because Valleywag just called me the token gay at all-white-male conference Future of Web Apps. Apparently this was in response to Chris Messina’s post the other day on the future of white boy clubs which argued that white men should do something about the diversity Read More

On Werewolf at FOO Camp 06…


I’m sure Tim actually gets quite annoyed by the amount of times that people ostensibly talk about FOO Camp but actually end up talking about Werewolf – a game that is played pretty much solidly throughout the Friday and Saturday nights by up to forty or fifty people at any given time. If he does, Read More

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