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Conference Notes

Some thoughts about FOO and elitism…


I’m going to try over the next few days to capture retrospectively my FOO experience in a little detail. I didn’t think I’d have enough time to do it, but it turns out that when you’re trying to avoid writing your talk for major conferences in the US there’s no end to what you can Read More

How American are Startups?


The second day of XTech and the first day of the conference proper (yesterday being tutorials) starts with a keynote from Paul Graham (see his Wikipedia entry) talking about whether or not the success of Silicon Valley might be replicated elsewhere – more specifically How American are Startups?. Suw Charman’s done a pretty solid near-perfect Read More

Heading to Amsterdam for XTech 2006…


In about six hours I’ll be heading off to XTech 2006 with team-mates and fellow speakers Paul Hammond and Simon Willison. I’ll be doing probably my final run at Native to a Web of Data in public before I write it up finally and stick it on the internet. The pitch is as follows: “The Read More

Veen & JJG at ETech 2006…


I’m in my first session for ETech 2006 – watching Jeff Veen and Jesse James Garrett talking about Designing the next generation of Web Apps: An insight that I’ve gained from the session so far – that there have been two kinds of people in the world – people who think of the web as Read More

In which Foo blows my head clean off…


So the whole FooCamp experience has ended, and frankly it’s been pretty astonishing. It comprised roughly a hundred and forty potential talks to go to across ten rooms, assembled in an ad hoc fashion on the Friday night. Some of the talks were amazing because of who was there, some of them were amazing because Read More

Supernova ’05: Byron Reeves on MMORPGs…


It’s difficult to articulate how busy I’ve been since Supernova – what with servers falling over and jet-lag and work and general calamities. All of which probably explains why I’m still writing up Supernova notes almost two weeks after the events themselves. And I’m afraid, having lost an extremely detailed draft of several sessions yesterday Read More

Supernova ’05: Jeff Weiner from Yahoo!


The talk that this piece refers to took place at Supernova 2005 on Tuesday 21st of June around 11.30am. Now I think I can say with relative certainty that the Chris Anderson talk did not go down terribly well with the assembled backchannellers, who were for the most part regular conference-goers desperately looking for intellectual Read More

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