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On the IA Summit, Vegas and the Leica D-LUX 3…


Tomorrow I’m going to be talking at the Information Architecture Summit in Las Vegas on a panel about Information Architecture beyond the level of the individual site. Myself, Margaret Hanley, Matt Biddulph and Lisa Chan will bet talking about the web of data, building data for reuse and all that kind of thing. You can Read More

On Space Art in Sebastopol…


This is so much fun. Where to start? Okay. So in September last year a few of us went to the O’Reilly FOO Camp. It’s an invitation-only event in Sebastopol in California where everyone’s expected to present what they’re thinking about or working on and where lots of fascinating conversations happen. It’s an honour to Read More

On Wattson and Electrisave…


Thanks to a fascinating conversation on haddock the other day, I’m now completely obsessed with a brand new class of personal lifestyle gizmos – a class that is very much in sync with the emergent energy puritanism that I find myself unexpectedly interested in after An Inconvenient Truth. The class of objects is ‘things that Read More

The visual identity of the Future of Web Apps…


One thing you can say about Ryan Carson is that he knows how to make something look and feel ultra-sharpyou only have to look at the way he packaged up the Future of Web Apps conference to see that. I don’t know quite what the concentration on branding says about these events, except that they’re Read More

On Carbonmade…


There’s a site that I keep coming back to because it’s so simple and well-constructed, and yet also represents so many of the visual and interface design principles of the current zeitgeist. It’s a site that has design smarts massively in excess of what would normally be necessary for a utility of its size and Read More

On the design of American State flags…


A few weeks ago I found a weird little sideline in the project I was working on that I decided to explore for a while and it drew me inexorably towards a subject that I’d never even thought about before – American State Flags. It’s quite difficult to trace the path that brought me to Read More

The RCA Summer Show 2006…


Once a year the RCA Summer Show opens its doors – showing over six weeks off all the incredible creative work that its students have created across all their disciplines. The show comes in four main parts, three of which have already come and gone – so if you’re interested in scultpure, fashion and most Read More

Yahoo! launches new beta homepage…


One small aside that I should probably bring to people’s attention (and get some feedback on) is the new Yahoo! homepage (Yahoo! UK version) which has launched in beta. Richard MacManus of the awesome Read/Write web has a good review of the changes to the page. There are a few little things I’m unsure about, Read More

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