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My last day at Yahoo!


It’s been a pretty extraordinary ride, all things considered. I came into the company at the same time as a whole bunch of extraordinary people, a number of whom I’ve had the honour of working with at some time or another. I’ve met a whole bunch of brilliant, new, amazing people through the company – far too many in fact to list with any degree of comprehensiveness.

A Casual Report from Overwhelmington…


Another funny few weeks, another quiet weblog. Various things are going on – friends’ weddings and stag parties, projects at Yahoo reaching an end, trying to work out when to take holiday, planning multiple trips to the US, getting in several thousand dollars worth of expenses that have crippled my finances, having fights with my Read More

Talking at the Apple Store about weblogs…


I have a kind of superstition when it comes to public speaking, and the superstition is that I don’t write about the fact that I’m going to be doing the speaking on my site until I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to be talking about. My concern – that I don’t get a Read More

I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink…


Well that’s not strictly true – I got an hour of sleep between coming back from the party and having to leave for the airport. Twenty hours awake and one hour of sleep, and currently in Newark airport an hour and a half away from the final six hour flight that takes me back to Read More

The end is in sight…


I’m coming to the end of my month in the US and to be honest I’m absolutely bloody exhausted. I only have one major US leg to go and then Dear God I’ll be done and I can sleep in my own bed and spend a weekend alone and play a lot of World of Read More

Arrival in Austin for SXSW 2006…


Right, I’m in Austin now for SXSW and struggling a bit to catch up with all the various things I need to sort out across work and personal projects and life. I’ve spent most of the afternoon in Halcyon with Biddulph and the Rev Dan Catt dealing with a whole range of things. Worst news Read More

On my significant expeditions…


Right then. Where to start? Um. Right. I left the UK on Saturday for San Francisco and I’m going to be travelling around mostly on work business for the next three to four weeks. So there are lots of new opportunities for some of you to bump into me in person, and I’d very much Read More

My first reactions to The Future of Web Apps…


Wow. Yesterday’s Future of Web Apps summit was completely intense. I’d been worrying about talking for about a month, and puzzling away at what I wanted to say for even longer, which is pretty much why my site has been so quiet lately. But in the end it all came off – I got a Read More

On being on television…


Television is such a strange enterprise! I don’t really know how else to put it. I get an e-mail in the afternoon from Tim Levell at Sky News saying that they’re looking for someone vaguely clued-up to talk about weblogs that evening. I ask a few questions and get a bit nervous, and chat to Read More

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