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This is not a brothel

This is not a brothel…


As has probably become clear recently, I’m currently not particularly well-inclined towards people who work in public relations – particularly the particularly unscrupulous ones that spam me with press releases and work ardently to try and persuade me to talk about their products or services on my site. They don’t seem to understand that I Read More

Monocle Magazine Cover

On Monocle, Nat Torkington & Place branding…


While reading the new issue of incomprehensibly fascinating magazine Monocle–which has a parallel web presence orchestrated by ex-boss Dan Hill that stubbornly (and equally incomprehensibly from my perspective) refuses to include any content whatsoever from the magazine–I stumble upon an article about New Zealand called ‘Slow Zone’. The article is about the nation’s rebranding as Read More

Unkle vs. Beethoven for BMW…


I’m posting advertising, I know, but given that I’m unlikely to be buying a BMW (and most of you people are equally unlikely) perhaps it’s okay. Who knows. I’m still absolutely run off my feet right now–which is why everything’s been so quiet–but this advert is one of the few things that’s managed to break Read More

The Veidt Method

The Veidt Method…


I appear to have just been spammed by a fictional character. I didn’t notice immediately. It took me a couple of seconds to twig what I was just about to junk. The text of the e-mail seemed a little too familiar… Dear Customer, You have received this e-mail because you have expressed interest in my Read More

The Gieves & Hawkes Homoerotic Photo Novella…


Wandering through London the other day with an old friend from University, I stumble upon Savill Row and the main London shop for Gieves & Hawkes. After a couple of seconds parsing the adverts I find myself disoriented and confused. They are extraordinarily weird. They have an ostensible father/son theme, but it’s a strange articulation Read More

On super-bizarre BBC Adword placements…


It’s probably the context that weirds me out, but still. I was watching this completely freaky acid-trip of a Simpsons parody (imagine David Lynch directing and you wouldn’t be far off) made by the Something Awful crew and being slightly creeped out by the whole thing when I notice something even more puzzling: Click on Read More

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