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There’s something (crappy) about Borat…


A few weeks ago Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat film was released to the world and pretty much everyone loved it. Metacritic collated all the reviews and came to the conclusion that the whole enterprise deserved 89/100 and described this as ‘Universal Acclaim’. Here is a sample from some of the reviews: Washington Post: The result Read More

An Inconvenient Truth…


My politics are pretty well known to people who read this site, I suspect – I’m basically economically centrist, believing in the the necessary efficiencies of a free market curbed from excesses and derailment by regulation at the extremes. I hold a simultaneous belief that vulnerable individuals should be protected from the occasionally inhuman logic Read More

Some thoughts on Brokeback Mountain…


I went to see Brokeback Mountain this evening with a lovely group of people, and I think it made an impact on all of us. It really is what the hype says it is – an intelligent and sensitive film about a love that dominates the lives of two people but is frustrated by circumstance, Read More

Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!


There’s a moment about a fifth of the way through King Kong (IMDB / Metacritic) when a young character who’s reading a copy of Heart of Darkness suddenly twigs that he’s not reading an adventure story. And then about thirty seconds later, you realise you’re not watching an adventure story either. And then the ground Read More

A review of Joss Whedon’s “Serenity”…


Last night – eight hours after landing back in the UK – I went to see a very special movie. In fact I went to see a very special preview of a very special movie. I went to see Serenity. And if you like adventure films, character-driven drama, sci-fi or just have any desire to Read More

Alexander the Great

On Alexander and Uncle Tom…


The other day I was watching BBC Breakfast and they got their film critic on to talk about the premiere of Oliver Stone’s new film Alexander. Now Alexander has not got terribly good reviews and they showed a few clips of the director and some of the actors talking about why it’s been such a Read More

Twenty years of Oscar nominees…


You start by trawling IMDB for the Oscar nominees for “Best Picture” over the last twenty years. Then you add together their user ratings and plot it on a graph. Hey presto – an instant pseudo-scientific discussion piece…

Harry Potter: a brief review…


As Cartman said so eloquently, “Yes I’ve seen the Terrence and Philip movie – who wants to touch me? I said who wants to fucking touch me?!” The good news first – there is very little bad news at all. It’s an honourable, faithful and entertaining translation that only falls down in a few areas, Read More

Antitrust Antivert…


Antitrust Antivert: As I said earlier I went to see Antitrust this evening. What I didn’t say was that it actually was really quite poor. However, there were some incredibly (unintentionally) funny bits. By way of an affectionate tribute to the film, combined with some good old fashioned advertising, I present you with the Antitrust Read More

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