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Paul A Young Chocolate

Paul A Young’s new shop in the Royal Exchange…


About eighteen months ago a couple of friends of mine started a chocolate shop in Islington and I wrote about it on Today–in about half an hour in fact–they’re opening their second branch near Bank tube station in the Royal Exchange! If you’re in the area you should definitely go and see how they’re Read More

On drinking Coca-Cola Blak…


Aha! Finally I’ve got my hands on some Coca-Cola Blak from Covent Garden’s amazing Cybercandy (along with some rather disturbing minty Malteser wannabes, three sugar mice and some chocolate Band Aids) and I have come to some initial conclusions. It is actually not so bad. It has a slightly weird smooth texture to it that Read More

Korean Barbeque comes to London…


I’m so out of practice in writing this thing that I hardly know where to start. The distractions of a new job and conference deadlines and life-organising rubbish have left my weblog lonely and forlorn. And – as usual – the longer you leave these things, the harder they become. Over the last few years Read More

On Barmen…


Barmen are alluring for three reasons. Firstly, they have to be nice to you. Secondly, they are often employed because they are physically attractive (although this could be a condition only in gay culture). Thirdly, they bring you alcohol if you ask them nicely. Barmen are unobtainable for pretty much all of the reasons above. Read More

Tom’s top ten restaurants…


So, I was supposed to go around for dinner at Nick’s house with Emma and John-Paul. However, somewhere along the line someone has forgotten about this fact, and now it is no longer happening, which leaves me at a loose end. Tom’s top ten restaurants/bars in London: Maxwell’s (Hampstead) (now closed) At least one night Read More