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Cybermen are Human 2.0?


According to Doctor Who, the Cybermen are Humans 2.0 (or more specifically, Human Point Two, which… means… very little). But I protest! I’m not sure Human 2.0 means anything at all! It’s just a stupid buzzword. Of course it all started with that famous talk from ETech 2004, Is there a robot overlord in your Read More

An update from Nordrassil…


The weirdest thing about my weblog is that I rarely write about what I’m doing at work, and normally write about the stuff that’s going on in the wider web and that I’m up to in my spare time. Except that at the moment I’m pretty much only doing three things – trying to catch Read More

On the upcoming Carson Workshops summit…


Quick announcement – I’m going to be talking at the upcoing Carson Workshops summit on The Future of Web Apps on the 8th of February in London. It’s a one-day conference for developers and web application builders that’s going to be focusing in on some of the technologies and ideas that are foundational to the Read More

The Gardeners of the Internet…


So a few days ago I wrote about my irritation at stumbling upon registration screens at the New York Times and how I wasn’t going to bother reading things they wrote any more. Well, that turned out to be untrue – I clicked on a link and there was an article at the other end Read More

Graf report published…


The Graf report – the independent review of BBC Online – has just been published. Despite the fact that I’m basically on holiday today, I am now going to start reading it in earnest. I’ll probably knock out a summary of the key points later in the day, but in the meantime I’m going to Read More

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