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Cybermen are Human 2.0?


According to Doctor Who, the Cybermen are Humans 2.0 (or more specifically, Human Point Two, which… means… very little). But I protest! I’m not sure Human 2.0 means anything at all! It’s just a stupid buzzword. Of course it all started with that famous talk from ETech 2004, Is there a robot overlord in your Read More

It’s all about K9 on Doctor Who…


It’s really difficult to pretend that today is really about anything else than K9‘s reappearance on Doctor Who this evening. I’m a bit nervous about leaving the house at all, just in case the tube goes down or something and I don’t get back in time. I’m particularly worried that the kids won’t understand how Read More

Is the pace of change really such a shock?


I’ve got Matt Biddulph staying with me and been hanging out with Paul Hammond a lot recently again and since they’re both ex-BBC colleagues, we’ve inevitably found ourselves talking a bit about what’s going on at the organisation at the moment. And it’s a busy time for them – Ashley Highfield and Mark Thompson have Read More

The BBC’s open programme information project…


Here’s an interesting development from my old employers – the project that Biddulph, Loosemore and Hammersley (and others) have been working on at the BBC is now live and playable with. It’s the full Infax archive of programme information for every programme that the BBC’s librarians have information about (running about six weeks behind live, Read More

A brief follow-up on TV distribution…


I wrote a post a few days ago called Quick observations on TV distribution in which I made a number of outrageous claims that I pretty much stand by. It was a bit of an off-the-cuff and not entirely digested attempt to throw out the core bits of the stuff that’s been in my head Read More

Quick observations on TV distribution…


I observed today that it’s now possible in the US to not only buy individual episodes of Lost via iTunes but that the Season Pass functionality now includes automatic delivery of all future episodes of the show for a massively decreased total price of $35 (about ¬£20) rather than for the nearly $50 that it Read More

Eagerly awaiting an Apple Media Hub…


While I’m on a roll and getting all my wanted-to-post-but-didn’t-have-time stuff out in public, I thought I’d just put out my stall again with regards to what I think an Apple Media Hub should be like. With MacWorld only three days away, it’s really back on my mind again. Let’s start off with a couple Read More

Google become the latest to distribute TV…


A few months ago I wrote a piece called Will subscription media kill broadcast? in which I stuck on the internet my long-held belief that the six major players in the distribution of pay-for video content online (the long-term replacements for large broadcasters) would be Amazon, AOL, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. If I’m honest, Read More

On Space Cadets…


There’s an article in the Independent newspaper today that I’m trying really hard to convince myself isn’t true. If it is true, it sounds like one of the cruelest things I’ve ever heard of. A group of people chosen for their suggestability are going to be convinced that they are going to experiencer a near-space Read More

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